Saturday, November 28, 2009

In Humble Fashion

I recently went to see A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey with all of those new "razzle dazzle" special effects. The simplicity of Dickens story is timeless, however as this production started unfolding it's magic, I was stunned at the underwhelming emotional response I felt in the audience and even within myself. The over stimulation created by the visual effects numbed the senses and most especially the heart connection to DEAR SCROOGE.

I can imagine a child could even be somewhat terrified and very confused by the inconsistent images and messages delivered. Not knowing what to feel - is a pretty uncomfortable space to be in - even for the most tenured senior citizen.

I was really hoping to see a spectacular rendition, as I am always up for the latest and greatest technological advances. As I started digesting and contemplating my disappointment, it led me to another space and realization.

Perhaps, yes, just perhaps - as I searched my memory banks, I was being reminded of the pure and original story Charles Dickens created. Lost somewhere in all the literature I read in High School and through numerous renditions of my children's Middle School Plays. GOOD WILL AND PEACE ON EARTH. Suddenly my emotions were resuscitated and back in balance.

Simple and Humble were Dickens's keys to LIVING LIFE.

So everyone, may you enjoy each and every moment of the holiday season.

Happy Happy Thanks-Giving and in the words of wise old Saint Nicholas . . .

Ho Ho Ho and MARRY Christmas! (Seems like a great companion to me.) :-)

Allow yourself to be Blessed,