Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who Cares?

Who Cares?

Do you know anyone who doesn't care about anyone or anything?  My guess is they are covering up something they've long since forgotten and don't want to re-visit.  And believe or not, that's OK.  Don't judge,  just observe - it's not contagious.  Only stimulating to the degree you let it affect you either positively or negatively.  

Whenever I find myself in the venerable company of the "who cares" pit of seduction, I am always startled a bit at first.  I usually rally pretty quick these days, but I've been known to get blindsided sometimes and find myself struggling in energetic quicksand as I come to terms with the truth that some of us really just don't care!

 What happens to you when you find yourself smack in the middle of a scenario with someone who radiates lack of this magnitude? Does it make you want to go into a tirade of who do they think they are  anyway? Or does it push you into your interior and make you send out prayers of grace-filled appreciation  and joy for what you value and hold dear.

No matter how we respond, that is all that is in our control. 

Our real solution is a returning to and a remembrance of an abiding and deep love for life and ourselves. 

 Not the "kind of" love that is born out of narcissistic and neurotic distress and neediness, but the mature love that is devoted and expansive and includes rather than excludes all life.

So remember the next time you bump into that casual and disconcerting "who cares" attitude, remind yourself. . .

 You care. Yes you do! 

Then thank yourself, applaud wildly, for being aware enough to realize that only you can author and drive your attitudes and beliefs. 

Now that's contagious!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness.
Only Light can do that.

~ Martin Luther King Jr. ~

xox Rhonda