Saturday, November 26, 2011

Move It

Don't you just love learning something new?

Finding that sweet spot or breaking through and having a huge insight can invigorate us and always makes me feel more alive.

When I sometimes feel undecided and am looking for an answer or wanting to really understand and master something. Most often the true resolution or path is right in front of me. However, quite often I don't see it as the answer. My mind and emotions move this way and that way and finally when I give up the struggle, I see it - the plain and simple solution. It was here with me all along, patiently waiting my acknowledgement and recognition.

The truth is, we're not ready until we're ready. That's one of the most glorious parts about being individuated humans and spiritual beings. Our experiences are our experiences alone and truth can only come to us - alone. We are the ones that get to process our lives as we see fit.

My belief is our truth is always with us, only a breathe and nod away.

May you find the grace of your new discoveries exposing your brilliance one after another.

With love,

P.S. A tip for your next epiphany: It does help to get out of your own "little" way. The Universe knows how to deliver big!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Who's The Boss Of You?

Interesting topic of conversation don't you think?

With mass media blaring in our face on any given day, everyday - at the rate of non stop 24 hour cycles - with endless marketing pitches and pharmecutical drug disclosures - not to mention "Reality TV". We the people, the public, humanity - are being bombarded by other people's opinions and observations of what we should do, say and think as well as what we should not. :-)

I am especially intrigued by the so called "transparency" of drug companies and their disclosures of all lethal and potent side effects of their drugs. As their monologues move through a commercial framework, we learn to tune out the dictation - which results in nothing else but pure apathy. And as apathy enters the picture - a sense of numbness sneaks in and creates a state of reception for all the nonsense that we are privy to on a daily basis.

How are you creating your decisions and what are they being founded upon?

Are our lives being crafted by others? Have we even thought about that possiblity?

I say, turn on your tuner and pay attention to the lines of conversation you are en-training with and BE SURE, MAKE SURE, it's something you want to ingest.

And . . .
If not - be aware that you, we all have a choice. Be aware of YOUR choices, thoughts, ideas. Then pay attention - peak your awareness - focus in on your voice - and CLAIM IT! This doesn't suggest that you be insensitive to others - it suggests that as we own the authority of our own life - we reflect silently - and sometimes vocally the ACTUALIZED ability for others to do the same.

Even in the environment of your friends, family and clients, are you/we taking on their perceptions way too much?

Perhaps it's TIME TO CLEANSE your media- thought- idea palette and MAKE A DATE with yourself. What do I think? What is really important to me? What are my values? What am I learning in this process of discovering my rights?

And the golden question, WHO REALLY IS THE BOSS OF ME?

With loving devotion,

P.S. Validate your own individuality, just for you, it's one of your GREATEST GIFTS!