Monday, December 5, 2011

The Unbroken Wishbone

I heard a very heartwarming story this week that gives me great hope that we are finally moving away from the competitive - dog eat dog style mentality - to a more genuine, inclusive way of thinking and being in the world.

So here goes the tale. A wonderful woman I know was in her kitchen the day after Thanksgiving, putting away holiday dishes and the silverware she only uses for special occasions. As she was in the last stages of tidying up she came across the turkey's wishbone that traditionally was celebrated and wished upon straight away. Smack between their family feast and dessert.

How did that get overlooked? She found herself deeply questioning what she should do with the wishbone. Should she save it for next year? Break it herself? Wait until this evenings dinner to partake in the tradition - a day late?

In her uncertainty she called out to her teenage son (the only one home at the time) and asked him if he wanted to break the wishbone with her. His answer was very quick and most surprisingly thoughtful - the REAL answer this mother was needing.

Her son retorted that he did not wish to partake in any ceremony or celebration that left someone empty handed or shorted in any way. "We're creating a new world Mom - you just forgot." He then added with sincerity - "thanks for asking anyway."

So in the spirit of love,

Have a wonder-full holiday season.


PS Thought you might want to check out this great foundation that MAKES wishes come true.

Giving and Receiving in Balance. ;-) Get involved in something this year. Your community needs you.